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Different sizes and strengths:


0143-9923-90 CEFAZOLIN 500 MG VL 25/BX

0143-9924-90 CEFAZOLIN 1GM VIAL 25/BX

0409-0805-01 CEFAZOLIN 1GM SDV 25X1GM

0409-2585-01 CEFAZOLIN 1GM ADV SDV 25X1GM

25021-100-10 CEFAZOLIN SOD 500MG VL 25/BX

25021-101-10 CEFAZOLIN SOD 1GM VL 25/BX

63323-236-10 CEFAZOLIN 500MG SDV 25/BX

63323-237-10 CEFAZOLIN 1GM VL 25/BX

63323-238-61 CEFAZOLIN 10GM PBP VL 10/BX

63323-449-61 CEFAZOLIN 20GM PBP VL 10/BX

Cefazolin Injection

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