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Different sizes and strengths:


0409-6635-01 POTASSIUM CL 10MEQ SDV 25X5ML

0409-6651-06 POTASSIUM CL 20MEQ SDV 25X10ML

0409-6653-05 POTASSIUM CL 40MEQ SDV 25X20ML

0409-7074-26 POTASSIUM CL 10MEQ FC 24X100ML

0409-7075-26 POTASSIUM CL 20MEQ FC 24X100ML

63323-965-05 POTASSIUM CL 10MEQ SDV 25X5ML

63323-965-10 POTASSIUM CL 20MEQ SDV 25X10ML

63323-965-20 POTASSIUM CL 40MEQ SDV 25X20ML

63323-967-30 POTASSIUM CL 60MEQ MDV 25X30ML

Potassium Chloride Injection

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